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cisco C9800-40-K9 wireless controller unable to access through HTTP and HTTPS.

I there


I have Cisco 9800-40 WLC and enabled http and https. It was working fine before but after few days unable to access through http and https. 

Troubleshooting step taken:

1. check https and http

2. Installed new web browser like Firefox

But no luck.

Can I get help for it?



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Are you able to ping WLC IP from your device?


if it was working and broken, I connect to the console run the debug and check what is the logs show. also verify any changes in the config, most related to HTTP and HTTPS config.



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I am using VPN  for ssh to WLC 9800. Actually it connect with ACCESS SW. I can ping access switch but unable to ping WLC IP address.



Then it required investigation, log in to switch see is the Physical Port, is the leaning the Mac Address in the port, is the ARP entries in the switch,


Try to shut down and un shutdown the port that WLC connected - see if that resolves the issue.


If no you need someone to physically access the WLC console and provide Logs and errors?



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I did shutdown and no shutdown. It didn't resolve .
I can ssh to WLC. When I run the show logging command. I don't see any log
related to http and https.

if you able to SSH to the device? check HTTP and HTTPS config? enable debug HTTP requests to see what is wrong?



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Is the controllers are in HA? hows the switchport configuration and also the uplink port configuration in WLC? It is recommended that you configure your switchport connecting to the wlc as trunk, no native vlan here. you may additionally configure spanning-tree portfast trunk if required. Allow only the Wireless VLAN and the managment.

It is also recommended you always configure the service port as OOB, this port is layer 3 and there is very small margin of error as no STP.


Also make sure that the ip http server and ip http secure-server are enabled and authentication is set to local, also under the line vty 0 15 login local is configured and transport input all is configured for testing purposes. Some of the above will raise some security alarms, but you may do it at your own risk.

No, it's not in HA topology. The switchport is configured as an access
port. I am attaching the topology.

WLC-MCC uptime is 1 week, 5 days, 15 hours, 49 minutes
C9800 Software (C9800_IOSXE-K9), Version 16.12.4a,
Leo Laohoo
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Upgrade to something more recent and try again.

Can you post the interface configuration in your WLC?

Leo Laohoo
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What firmware is the controller running on? 

What is the uptime of the controller?

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I think the most likely problem is not the redirection ACL. The redirection ACL rules of C9800 and AireOS seem to be opposite.

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