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cisco IW3702 antenna RF Adaptor/Cable




i have following design and need to ask below question:

-Deployment of access point inside a rugged environment  e.g. warehouse, we select the access point based on site condition.



Access point with four antenna connectors: 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom.


-My Question is ;

Do we required to use  RF adaptors and cable in this type implementation to connect omni direction antenna PID AIR-ANT2547VG-N  to access point; 

This is a typical indoor implementation, so i think we  don't required to purchase RF adaptors/cables, we can only connect the antenna directly with access point ?

reference: Cisco IW3702 Access Point Getting Started Guide - Cisco


adaptors detail:

  • 2 x N(f) to N(f) RF adapters. Cisco PID AIR-ACC370-NF-NF.

  • 2 x DC pass, N(m)-N(f) lightning arrestors. Cisco PID CGR-LA-NM-NF.


Outdoor Cables


Select from:

  • 2 x N(m)-R/A to N(m)-STR, LMR-400-DB , 5’ RF cable, Cisco PID: CAB-L400-5-N-N

  • 2x N(m)-STR to N(m)-STR, LMR-400-DB , 5’ RF cable, Cisco PID: CAB-L400-5-N-NS

  • 2x N(m)-R/A to N(m)-STR, LMR-400-DB , 10’ RF cable, Cisco PID: AIR-CAB010LL-N

  • 2 x N(m)-R/A to N(m)-STR, LMR-400-DB, 20’ RF cable, Cisco PID: CAB-L400-20-N-N

  • 2 x N(m)-R/A to N(m)-STR, LMR-600-DB, 30’ RF cable, Cisco PID: CAB-L600-30-N-N

  • 2 x N(m)-STR to N(m)-STR, LMR-400-DB, 25’ RF cable with petrochemical and oils resistance, Cisco PID AIR-CAB025HZ-N






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Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Guru Hall of Fame Guru
Hall of Fame Guru
You don’t need the cables as the antenna can mount directly to the antenna ports.
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thanks scott for your reply,


secondly  the cable  for PoE IN port is a 8-pin M12 X and the cable will purchase separately? 


cable Information:  

AB-ETHRJ45-M12-10= M12 to RJ-45 Ethernet cable, 8 pins, X-Code, 10 ft





How you will want to power up the ap is up to you. Typically the options to power up the AP’s are separate. What you have to do is look at the BOM or ask the vendor whom you will be purchasing the equipment from.
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