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Cisco One License for MSE and CMX

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Level 1

Hi Guys,


I have the a PAK with SKU(C1-MSE-PAK) with sub-feature set as shown below:



In my current deployment. I have MSE-3365 appliance for wIPS service only and I also have CMX 10.4.x(another MSE-3365 Appliance) for Location Tracking. What I am confuse about is I only have 1 PAK/License to use. And can someone confirm if C1-MSE-LS-1 is for MSE wIPS or CMX Location?


Best Regards,


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I guess it will be like a 500 AP license if you add the license to prime it can be used for multiple controllers

the count is decreased per AP.


you probably can do the same for the MSE/CMX  licensing

Prime will assign not all 4000 licenses at the same time, but as needed, 

But I don't quite understand how this license can be used by both MSE(for wIPS service) and CMX(Analytics and Location) if I only have 1 x license to use. I understand u need UDI + S/N and tie it to the PAK to get the license. So I suppose you can only use it for 1 device. In my case I have 2 x  MSE-3365 running MSE 8.0 and CMX 10.4.x. So confused how the pre-sales get to bundle these licenses in one PAK.

I mentioned the use of prime (Cisco Prime Infrastructure)

so you tie it to prime as center of management  not to the individual devices.


If you do not use prime you need to work differently.

if i recall correctly, when you register the PAK, this is not yet connected to a device.

but if you redeam your pak to a license

you can specify a count to generate the license file and then attach this to a device.

and specify another count and generate another license file.

did you try this?


I have to install  "C1 License and CMX license" i don't know CMX license Please help me where we need to install C1 License & CMX License on MSE or PI. After install C1 License required to reboot MSE or not. we have 2 MSE devices

please guide me or mail me


Dear ani_raj91

I suggest to start a new thread, instead of replying to a question that aparently does not contain an answer to yours.

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