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Cisco One License

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Hi Guys,


I am somewhat confused with Cisco One License. They are saying that it is all-in-one license but after I upload PAK on LRP it shows the product family and SKU top/sub-feature set which is only for Wireless Controller. Kindly confirm if I can use these type of license on Cisco Prime Infrastructure to increase AP management capacity.


Please see attached photo.


Best Regards,


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I am somewhat confused with Cisco One License.

You are not alone, licensing  is the most complicated thing to understand when it comes to Cisco.

C1-WLC-PAK only consist of WLC AP licenses, no PI & MSE, ISE. "C1FPAIRK9" is the part number that comes with all  of those.


Have a look on below thread as it listed different C1 licensing part numbers & what it entitles




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Hi, although Cisco one is a good idea in principle the execution isn't the best. You should receive a zipped file from the Cisco partner who sold you them that contains all the "normal" PAK's associated with Prime, ISE, MSE and WLC. Specifically you should see a line related to Prime and device licenses. I have attached an image which shows one I recently received for a customer and all the associated lines. The image came directly from Cisco in email format.



The tedious bit is that you then have to generate a license file for them using the licensing portal.


If you do not have the above you can use the Cisco order number you should have been given, enter it into the licensing portal and you should see all the PAK's associated with the order from there.



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