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Debabrata Majhi

Cisco Prime NCS

Hi All


I am new Cisco Prime NCS


Here is my requirement

1.How I can mesure the signal strenth of my wireless infrastructure(dont't have any floor map)

2.How I can mesure the user performance of my wireless infrastructure

Can any one help 




Mikey Boy

Hi, if you get the MAC address from a wireless client, you can go to Monitor -> Clients


Filter the table by that MAC address and choose the client.


The screen that will open will include a graph of SNR and RSSI over time. It basically lists all the AP's the client was connected to and a graph of both readings. 


If your testing clients support CCX you can also run a link test from the same screen.

Hi Mikey

Thanks for your resppnse


I have gone through one document where Cisco MSE and prime Assurance is helping to manage Cisco wireless infrastructure.

Do we need Cisco MSE and prime Assurance with Cisco prime NCS to fulfill my requirement

If yes,Do we need to buy it separately? 



No, if you are just interested in seeing client performance data then they are (largely) irrelevant. A normal prime installation will give you all of that data.


MSE is for location services

Assurance is tailored towards collaboration solutions.

Hi Mikey


Thanks for your guideline.Now we can see the RSSI and SNR for the clients.Let me know some time I can see some user showing  SNR "0"

Can you please help to know the reason for this SNR "0".

Is it the happening due signaling?

How I came to know the Signal overlaping?

Do we need heatmap for each floor?



Hi, assuming that the data being shown is accurate this means one of two things:


1. There is so much noise (interference) in that area of the client that SNR is unbelievably low.

2. The RSSI of the client is so low that the SNR readings are unusable.


I would be inclined to believe number 2 before 1 without further information. What is the RSSI of a client when they show a reading for SNR of "0"?


From the prime data you should be able to see which AP the client was on when it reported that level of SNR. 


On the WLC for this AP you should confirm what the transmit powers on the AP's currently are. 


If you can I would suggest getting a proper wireless survey of the area completed would be beneficial.



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