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Cisco Prime shows vWLC and APs but no Client info

Jim Blake

I have to debug a Cisco vWLC (version supporting a number of Cisco AIR-AP2802I-E-K9 APs), managed by Cisco Prime Infrastructure version and CMX version 10.6.1-47 is deployed. All compatible according to Cisco.

The vWLC reports wireless clients correctly. Prime sees the APs and vWLC and gives information on them, but has no information on the Client devices, despite it being reported by the vWLC.


CMX shows the clients and their locations in the activity maps (red unassociated, green associated, MAC addresses reported) but in "Connect" it reports no visitors at all.

The configuration in Prime looks OK, it is seeing the WLC, and the WLC is seeing the clients, but there is no client information apparently getting from vWLC to Prime or CMX.


Anyone seen anything like this before...before I just do a full rebuild ?





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Scott Fella
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Why not open a TAC case firstly just to see if it’s. DB issue. My experience with Prime is that if I every upgrade Prime to a different train, I then see issues. I always rebuild also from scratch and never do a restore. I will export the maps and devices list and only upload those. That is from my experience the best way not to have major issues with Prime. Open a TAC case first.
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