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Davide Fiumi

Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925G network busy

Hi everybody,

We are deploying some Wireless IP Phones 7925s in several networks and we are finding some big issues with it: The phone suddenly loses connectivity and the "network busy" message appears on screen.

This is happening with phone firmware released on 5 February 2013.

The strange fact is that the same IP Phone with phone firmware 1.4(2) didn't have any such issue... but (as also mentioned here: I can't roll back to 1.4(2).

No AP config changed, no environmental change. We just upgraded the phone to phone firmware.

- Forcing the phone to "b/g-only" or "a-only" mode does not bring any luck.

- APs used are autonomous AP1131AG-E-K9 and AP1242AG-E-K9, all running latest IOS version 12.4.(25)JA2). See attached configuration.

- Call Agent used is CCME v7.0.

In another scenario -- with a WLC and CP-7921 -- I managed to solve this kind of issue by enabling the "7920 Call Admission Control" on WLAN config section.

What's your experience on this?

Thanks in advance!

Cisco Employee

This means that the channel is busy and CAC is doing its job properly or there is an AP misconfiguration.

Can enable CAC/TSPEC for voice but CAC for video should be disabled.
Ensure admit-traffic is enabled under the 792x ssid.

See my 7925G Deployment Guide for more info.

Provide your AP config for further assistance.

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Davide Fiumi

Attached is the "messages" log file extracted from the phone. In the trace you can see an upgrade from 1.4(3)SR1 to

During the collection of this log the issue was noticed several times and the phone was configured in b/g-only mode very close to an AP with no interference and no network traffic on the LAN and WLAN.


Hi There, did you find a fix for this? i have a similar problem when going from Firmware 1.3.3 to


The handset works fine on the older Fimware but as soon as the upgrade completes i get "connection failed"

wireless controller version


if i roll back the firmware the phone works fine again.

Cisco Employee

Ensure your SSID is set to use the Platinum QoS profile.
There was a fix in 1.4(3) to resolve the issue of not sending TSPEC for SCCP.
Otherwise, it means the channel is busy so check the bandwidth allocated for voice.

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Thanks setting the correct QOS profile has resolved the issue

Hi, i had the same problem, but after i set the Voice WLAN as Platinum everything started working perfectly.

Thanks for the advice.



Thank you very much, the problem is fixed after putting voice QOS Platinum

My voice WLAN profile is

wlan XX 1 VOICE-WiFi
 accounting-list ACS
 no broadcast-ssid
 client vlan 700
 no exclusionlist
 ip dhcp server
 local-auth ESCAP
 mac-filtering ACS
 no security wpa
 no security wpa akm dot1x
 no security wpa wpa2
 no security wpa wpa2 ciphers aes
 service-policy input platinum-up
 service-policy output platinum
 session-timeout 1800

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