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Cisco WCS unable to audit the configs

I have done an audit on the configuration group that our WiSMs are in, which shows up some differences. I would like to investigation on what  the actual differences in the attribute values are between the controllers and the templates in each case. I get an error message shown in the first attachment (Failed to contact server. Please make sure you are logged in and have network connectivity).

The version of WCS is, and so is the software on the WiSM. The WCS can talk to the WiSM, and so can I. Can you please  advise what how this issue can be fix.

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Amjad Abdullah

I got same issue when upgraded to

It happened with some controllers, not all.

I opened a TAC SR to check but the problem later disappeared without doing anything from my side. We got the TAC SR closed without doing anything. ( we captured traffic and collected logs but the problem is resolved before the engineer analyzes the traffic).

I suggest that you wait about a week and open a TAC cae if the issue persists.

One more thing I just remembered: in my case the configuration was identical but it shows is as mismatch and when try to audit it gives the error.

Btw, what is your WCS version?

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