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Cisco WLC 3504 captive portal options

Hi All 


is it possible to configure a guest network with captive portal and with login using social network ( gmail, facebook)?


Cisco WLC 3504 controller





Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Master

You can't do this with just a controller.  Typically this piece is tied to another system that allows these types of integration.

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Here is an example using Cisco ISE:

How to Configure & Use a Facebook Social Media Login on ISE - Cisco Community

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Thanks Scoot


only one more doubt..


Is it possible on a cisco 3504 (  i will update tomorrow from 8.5 to 8.10) to have guest ssid with time limit access.


Like captive portal with , for ex, username and pass, and time limit off 1 hour if use.


Again, thanks for the help



I think you can do that on ISE, since authentication will happen there.  Keep in mind that as a user, would you want to login every hour?  I wouldn't and would end up using other means to connect.  You want to keep an open mind and make sure that it does not impact the user experience.

There is a sleeping client feature on the controller that caches the device for x amount of time, then after the idle timer and or session timer expires, the user will have to login again.  You just have to look at what you can do on ISE first then on the controller.  Hard to say what will work best for you.

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Hi Scott

I don’t have ISE.

Only the cisco 3504 controller

But yes i agree you too.


You will not be able to do social media login.  There are other software/tools that can do this, some are free open source and some are paid.  Just search up guest wifi software, maybe there is something there that will work for you.

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