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Cisco WLC 5508 configurration with Internet

Dear All

I am posting my current scenario of wireless. All clients are coming from APs and all DHCP polls are defined on WLC.

I want to direct terminate Internet on the WLC . so all the client coming from AP,s get IP from WLC and then use WLC their default gateyway and can browse internet. I could not find such scenario. Please help me to solve this problem

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Scott Fella
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First off, that will not work. The WLC does not NAT so you need a layer 3 device inline that will do the NAT. Typically you would have the WLC in the inside network so that the access points can terminate to the WLC. Traffic is all tunneled to the WLC. You can then either use another port on the WLC and connect that to the DMZ where your firewall would do the NAT. You can also get another WLC and put it in the DMZ and tunnel guest traffic from the internal WLC to the guest anchor and them have the FW do the NAT.

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