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Cisco WLC 9800 and 2702 AP client disassociation timeout

So when we were testing a RADIUS config with a client in our lab, we noted the following happen.  A client device turns off its radio. Even though the client radio was turned off, the client entry remained on the WLC/radio for times between 5 minutes - 34 minutes. So three questions.


Why is this?

Is there a timer associated with this?

If there is a timer, can its settings be changed?


Thanks in advance!

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MHM Cisco World

there is session timeout and idle timeout in WLC

this timeout make client appear.

So we have our session timeout set to 60 seconds, yet the APs were observed to drop at 5 minutes, 24 minutes, and 34 minutes. I am not sure what is causing this variation in times?

idle timeout 
""The valid range is 15 to 100000 seconds. The default value is 300 seconds.""
Session timeout 

the session timeout is set under WLAN BUT it also learn from AAA server when auth/authz the client and the timeout from the AAA server is override the WLAN timeout setting.