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Cisco Workgroup Bridge Mobility Express

Hi Exprerts,


I'm struggling with setting up a connection between an AP2802i running Mobility Express and IW3702 AP installed in a mobile vehicle. After setting up a WGB on IW3702 (autonomus), I can't see devices connected to the gigabit Ethernet. Right now AP2802i are having open SSID no authentication ect. I'm wondering if anyone else is having this setup to confirm if this is possible with Mobility Express as a starting point. All devices and APs have static IPs. Client devices on the ethernet of WBG sometimes show up on ME WLC gui but never are pingable (from a PC connected to same AP). 


Many Thanks up front.

Sandeep Choudhary
VIP Mentor



As per my knowledge....Mobility Express image allow AP to run WLC functionality within it. It is not act as autonomous image where you can put radios into "Root Bridge /Non-Root Bridge/WorkGroup Bridge mode)



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Hi Sandeep Chouldhary,


yes Mobility Express is equipped with embedded WLC  (in my case on 2802 AP) but it's not clear for me what are the limitations vs standalone WLC. When I was writing about autonomous image this one is installed on the IW3702 that is running as WBG. It's not connected to WLC by any wire. On the Ehternet side of IW3702 i need to connect clients and have them visible in the rest of the network.


I hope this is now clear ro understand.


Apparently Workgroup bridges are supported from code 8.8 with Mobility Express though I've never tested it myself.


Does the WGB associate but you just cannot see the clients? Make sure Aironet IE is enabled on the WLAN so the WGB can pass proprietary info about it's clients to the AP.





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Hi Ric,


unfortunately it depends. WGB is visible in the GUI of Mobility Express most of the time. I have some issues after powering it down and up- sometimes it connects, sometimes is stuck on a DHCP step (you can see a graphic in the GUI with different stages) Some of the clients behind as well are visible - showed as N/A without a name on a list but i can recognize them by MAC address. Anyway I'm never able to ping the devices behind the WGB AP. If i connect a PC to WBG Ethernet port I'm able to ping devices in my network. Unfortunately after powering down and up this is not possible anymore...


If it goes about version I'm running recent images - 8.10.140 (i believe latest) on ME and 15.3 on IW3702 so this should not be a problem.


Aironet i'm convinced it is'on' on the ME side. I believe this was default value. Is there as well something similar to set on the other side (IW3702)?


I look forward to hear from you.






Hi Community,


anyone has maybe some idea what further could be verified to solve this issue or have a practice knowledge if this is proven solution to work?

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