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Clear BBSM Transaction History


We are receiving error that BBSM transaction history is full and we do not know how to clear. Can anyone help?

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Rob Huffman
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Hi Jacob,

Transaction History Reports

The Transaction History report shows the details of BBSM transactions. For auditing purposes, these transactions are never deleted from the BBSM database. If you want to export this data or truncate part of it, use standard SQL commands. For the database schema, refer to the Cisco BBSM 5.2 SDK Developer Guide.

From this good doc;

Cisco BBSM 5.2 SDK Developer Guide

Here is a great post from Stephen @ Cisco that outlines how to deal with this;

Hope this helps!



Purge both the transaction history and debugging tables. This can be

done via SQL commands. MSDE has a 2GB limit per database. If you want to save this data in a test file, use the following:

Bcp "use atdial select * from transaction_history" queryout

-T -c

The above will export the table to a tab delimited text file. It will be

very large and notepad will not be able to open this file. You will need

to use excel, access or some other text editor that can handle large


The next step is to purge the two tables. These will be the largest

tables especially if you have been using debug. Transaction_history is

written to constantly and needs to be purged on occasion.

From the command prompt

OSQL -d atdial -E

> delete transaction_history

> delete debugging

> go

Thank you for this . I just want to confirm if this will require a reboot of the system after done, or if there are any other issues I should consider before doing this. Will service be interrupted? Also, do I need to make a back up the logs if we do not need them? Any particular reason to do this? Finally, about how often should we do this as a regular maitenance procedure. Thanks so much

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