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Clear Channel parametes

Level 1
Level 1


On a particular place in the building we had a very low throughput on channel 1. We use the 802.11G band.

Using a sectrum analyzer we found in the middle of channel 1 a non 802.11 compliant device transmitting on a very high duty cycle. This explained our problem.

The frequency band used by the device was very narrow (a spike in the middle of channel 1) , signal strength was around -84db ( noise level -80db)

Config is a 4404 Wireless Lan Controller and 1130 access points.

Question: Are there parameters in the WLC available to tweak this behavior, to prevent a relatively weak signal to monopolize the band.

A parameter like: a threshold on RSSI, it should be better than value X to make the channel marked as busy.

Or is everything tight up into the 802.11 MAC en PHY specs?

I was searching for these values but unable to find. The only point where CCA was mentioned was in a Picocell environment

Regards Gerrit

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Level 5
Level 5

To specify the minimum receive signal strength indication (RSSI) value for packets that are received by an access point, use the config advanced 802.11 coverage rssi-threshold command.

config advanced 802.11{a | b} coverage {data | voice} rssi-threshold rssi


What version of controller code is this command found in? I don't see it in 4.2.112. Is this really the same as a Clear Channel Energy Assessment, and wouldn't this induce unnecessary errors and retries anyway? The clients would need the same value as well would they not?

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