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Client get IP but no network

I have a wifi access point (Cisco 1141) that broadcast 2 VLANs (2 & 4). On the VLAN 4 no problem. On the VLAN 2 when a device try to connect to the access point an IP his delivered by the DHCP server but the client can't access to network. It can be on the same network or by the gateway, nothing answer to ping or other network access. Even the DHCP server that delivered IP address can't be reachable.

The AP is in standalone mode.
Nobody edit the configuration of the switch or AP. Everything works fine until this problem.

This is the network plan :



 Have you got some ideas about this issue.



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1141 is pretty old..what IOS are you running? Can you attach/paste a copy of the following:

- "show version" from the AP
- Your AP config (show run) with any sensitive info removed
- The switch configuration (show run) with any sensitive info removed
- A screenshot (or simply confirmation) of your DHCP Server config for that VLAN

Can you also check the client is being given a /24 subnet with the right gateway from the server?
Finally, you said it was working previously... so absolutely nothing has changed since when it was working and now it is broken? Not even an AP restart/DHCP change?

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Yes nothing change, no restart and no DHCP change. 
I resumed the "show run" of the switch

(edit : The AP broadcast the VLAN 5 not 4. The VLAN 5 is only for a Cisco Phone with wifi (Cisco 9971).)


Your AP has DEFINITELY been restarted - it has crashed - possibly multiple times - we only see the last time:
System returned to ROM by watchdog timer expired
System restarted at 12:38:15 +0200 Tue Aug 6 2019 <<<<<<<<<<< that's yesterday
Last reset from watchdog timer expired
That being the case - the most likely thing is that the config was not saved before it was restarted and after it crashed some of the config was lost. If you have config backups you need to look back at your config backup from before the problem started (when exactly did the problem start?). A dir of the AP's flash might show you crashinfo or event files showing the history of crash(es) although watchdog restarts usually won't generate anything.
Watchdog crashes could also indicate a hardware problem but that is unlikely to explain the issue you have now (more likely config).


I restarted the AP when I saw the problem and hope everything back but always the same problem. The configuration was saved before restart in the AP and on an external storage.

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