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Clients not being tracked in new maps in Prime 3.4


I have installed an MSE 3365 appliance and location tracking is working fine for clients in the deprecated maps, but no clients show up when viewing through the new maps.



PI - 3.4



The MSE is reachable from PI and NMSP connectivity is up.  As the clients are being tracked in the deprecated maps I am not concerned about the configuration between the devices, but it is strange that the clients do not show up in the new maps.  Has anyone seen this before, and have suggestions on how to resolve it?

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 That´s an interesting question. To me it happen exactly the opposite. I can see my clients on the new maps but I can´t see on the deprecated anymore. I did nothing different from add MSE to Prime and synchronize WLC and Maps. I mean, I hadn´t to choose. I think you are going to need a TAC case for that. 


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Thanks for the response.


There are four buildings in the campus and I have since found that both the deprecated and new maps are successfully tracking clients in each of the small buildings, but only the deprecated maps show any of the clients in the large building.

As an attempt you could start from scratch. Deleting all devices and maps from MSE and importing again. Delete MSE from MSE and joining again.  But, probably there will be no guarantee that will work. 




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I have already tried that, but same result.

I assume you have correctly drawn the inclusion ranges on the new maps in MSE?

Yes, all inclusion and exclusion zones have been drawn in for each map.

Sorry, then I'm out of ideas and also suggest a TAC.

thanks anyway.

did you try re-syncing the maps to mse assignment ?

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