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clinet speed rate

i have two cisco wlc and cisco ap 1130

when the client connect to ssid , he shown the speed rate 54 Mbps and become 48 mbps or 20mbps and 10 and become 54mbps

the speed not stable .

how can solve this problem .

Nicolas Darchis
Cisco Employee

This is probably because there are a lot of retransmissions. Try to understand why there are a lot of retarnsmissions :

too dense environment (too many clients), too many interferers, too many rogues ...

i show this error in WLC

AP does not have any resources for client to connect.(Max clients on the AP on the Radio) .

also i have two radius servers one steel belt radius and other ACS

the steel belt radius is integrated with active directory and assoicated to ssid user

and the other ACS not integrated with active directory and associated to ssid client

there is any problem if the port number for both server have the same port number 1812 in configuration

On the WLC : Monitor->client, check how many clients are associated to that AP.

The radius is not the problem.

i checked the number of user is normal 9

The problem is still ongoing

Upgrade the firmware of the client and observe.

How far is the client from the AP?

The problem occurs in all regions of AP
And tried to use different devices have different operating system ( like windows xp and windows 7 ) but the
problem appears.

also the other ssid have the same problems

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