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Flavio Miranda

CMX 10.0 - Error importing maps

Hi guys,


Anyone here has already configured CMX 10.0 ? I am getting an error by importing Maps and I can't identify what is wrong. There's no log, no information to point to a direction.

Any help will be appreciated.


[root@XXX ~]# cmxctl config maps import --type FILE --path teste.tar.gz

Error importing /root/teste.tar.gz


Cisco Employee

Please verify following :

a-     Check if Jboss is running. Use Telnet to connect and if it is not accepting connections on localhost, then connect using the IP address of the machine.

b-     Execute ““java -jar QueryTool.jar “select count(*) from point””.Check it displays a number > 0. If not, then, check if the MSE API is up and accepting connections by running the MSE client. If not, check whether the MSE is running

Actually this is not MSE onboard anymore. It is a independent .ova.

I think I know what is going on, with a Cisco help. I need a few days to try the solution and I intend to share here with the community.

Thanks any way.

Can you post what the proposed fix is?  Same issue here

Hi Jacob,

I will. But I need to test before to make sure it is correct.


So, i was able to get mine imported.

I ran "/opt/cmx/bin/cmxconfig import prime" and it was able to import.  Following the cmxctl method did not work.


This also imported my controllers.

Good to know.

In my case, things might be a litle bit hard. Cisco Prime was configured with FIPS and this cause problems according to Cisco. 

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