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Configuring a VLAN on a Cisco Aironet 1852 Series

Hello everyone,


I have an already working VLAN, which is currently accessible with another AP (another manufacturer altogether), which I want to replace with a Cisco Aironet 1852 Series AP. However I'm currently a bit stuck.


Since another person had already tried something on it, I started by doing a complete reset i.e. I pushed the mode button for more than 20 seconds, until the LED turned red. Then I booted up the AP and connected to the provided wireless connection, where I could successfully configure the Cisco Mobility Express. Afterwards, after some time elapsed, I could see and eventually connect to the SSID, which I created and currently the LED is solid green, but every now and then it turnes to blinking red for a couple of seconds. I had configured the management network's IP to be during the Mobility Express configuration, but I couldn't find and therefore access the address, after I connected to the AP via wireless connection.


So I connected my laptop to the auxiliary port on the AP and I could access another management tool, which is the Teleworker (at least that's what it says in the top right corner). There is a configuration page there and I can find some information and change some settings, but I can't seem to find a setting, which allows me to configure a VLAN. I have 5 pages, which are Home, Configuration, Event Log, Network Diagnostics and Help respectively.


Basically my goal is to give the AP a static IP adress in order to be able to access the management screen after it's mounted and then I want to create a VLAN, which is supposed to allow devices to establish a wireless connection to a server via the AP and a switch, which is already configured. I think I succeed in setting a static IP, because in Teleworker the AP IP Address is shown as I'd appreciate it if someone can help me where I can configure it.


P.S.: Some additional information: According to Teleworker the software version is I found some downloadable software on the Cisco website for the Aironet 1850e Series, which has the version Should I perform a software update and if so how?


P.S.2: I'm experiencing problems when trying to connect to the SSID. It takes quite a few tries until I'm able to connect. I read in some thread that this behaviour might be caused by insufficient power. I'm currently powering the AP via PoE. Might this really be the cause?




VIP Advisor

First of all, keep the software or better upgrade to
Regarding the setup, with Mobility Express your AP actually has two IP addresses, one for the AP and another one for the Mobility Express controller running on the same hardware.
I suggest you reset it once again and do the initial setup again. Please note, I suggest to have an active DHCP server running while doing that, that simplifies various things.
To connect afterwards to the controller part, you need to discover the IP address on the DHCP server or use one of the other documented ways.
Use this video for example as a guide:

Hi @patoberli,


thank you for the answer. I'm currently unable to test this out, but as soon as I do I will post some updates on how it's going. Sadly a DHCP server is out of the question for me, since I have to know the IPs of all the devices in the network, so I'm assigning them myself. 


My second question is with regards to the software version - which features were updated in the and why does it make so much difference? And when upgrading can I just upload the files from my laptop to the AP? I saw somewhere an option to upgrade in the Teleworker, but as I'm not able to currently see the interface it's hard to be specific.


You could assign fixed addresses on the DHCP server for the mac addresses, I would suggest going that route.
Regarding the updates, you find here a list of the various versions and the fixed bugs in them. Please note, not all bugs affect a mobility express setup.
There are also the special ME release notes: But I don't think that those are complete.
I've never used the Teleworker interface and have absolutely no idea how to use it.
For normal ME software upgrades:
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