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Congestion issue on AP CISCO AIR-AP2702E-UXK9 with unused bandwidth

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Dear Cisco Engineers,

I have configured and installed 6 cisco AIR-AP2702E-UXK9 access points for a customer whose Intenet provider gives him 60Mbps.

-I have 5 different zones to cover,

-Among these 5 zones, there are two main areas that need to host an average of 200-300 users at the same time.

-In one of the two main areas, I've installed 2 cisco access points, to give users more chance to be connected at the same time, ( for example 250-400 users).

-In the 2nd main zone, I installed 1 single access point, to give at least 100-200 users the chance to be connected at the same time.

-In the 3rd zone, I've installed a single AP

-In the 4th zone, a single AP

-In the 5th zone, a single AP

Unfortunately, there's always the problem of congestion at peak times, when we can receive 200-400 users at the same time, in almost every zone.

But, when I look at the daily graph of network behavior, we've never reached the throughput threshold provided by the provider. We never reached 45Mbps, even though we have 60Mbps from the source.

-In our configurations, we used class A. The network connectivity is via optical fiber, the router is Cisco ISR 4331, and the switch is CISCO Catalyst 2960.

Could you give us some suggestions for solving this problem?

Thank you.

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Rich R

Basically what Marce is saying is you have far too many users per AP.  Check out the Meraki guide for AP capacity planning:

Are you using autonomous APs or controller based?
What version of software are they/the WLC running? (refer to TAC recommended link below for WLC)
If WLC have you checked the config with the Config Analyzer (link below)
Have you disabled lower data rates?


>>> Could you give us some suggestions for solving this problem? <<<
for me you do not make clear what the problem is ?
are your clients complaining about performance ? or do you just want your providers throughput to reach 60Mbps once in a while ?
be aware that the reported throughput may be not real-time but average over a limit of time (like 5 min)
if so then your peaks may be higher than 45Mbps.

and yes as the other posts mention,
if all clients are active at the same time, then your access points in the main zone are oversubscribed

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