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Constant Connection Drops

Hi All,

I have SD-Access fabric network with DNA Center. I have one main wireless network which is fabric as well and 802.1X authentication. 

I use 3500 series WLC and 1850 series APs. The problem is as shown below picture. I got constant timeouts in my connection with WiFi. I checked WLC and no interference shown at all. DNAC also shows good connection for wireless. I stuck and do not know how to continue with troubleshooting. First thing I thought that it can be caused by microwave in kitchen which is 3-4 meters away from AP that I am connected but again I face this problem even when no microwave is used and again no interference shown in WLC monitoring page.


First is "Amazon" domain ping second Amazon IP ping, 3rd is my DNS Proxy ping and fourth is Anycast GW ping.


PS.: I tested the same connection from the workmate`s laptop who sits to next to me and connected to another AP which is not so close to kitchen as I am. is it possible that microwave really creates interference but I do not see it in WLC?

Moreover I have tested from another laptop in my desk which was connected to same ap and did not have the problem at all while I was facing the drops.


May anyone help me with troubleshooting steps?

Thanks in advance!

VIP Expert

You have tried all the option to diagnosis the issue. this could be Laptop Driver compatability


Compre with working Laptop Wirelss card vs not working Laptop so yoiu will see some difference.


If you think site has interference (in your case i see it was not) - do site survey to confim all good.



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Actually I think problem is not related to laptops,

because today morning it went global and people complaint that they cannot work normally, network goes and comes. Moreover yesterday I tested the connection from 2 identical Laptops with same Wireless NIC and driver. One had drops while other one perfectly smooth.

How do you cutover to a solution that didn’t pass your testing and validation? All you are doing now is generating poor customer experience which will not be good for you. It seems now that your better off getting a TAC case open while you are troubleshooting. This way you can get to a resolution quickly as possible.
When I have seen that issue in the past, it was due to driver issues on the devices. One resolution was changing to 20mhz channel width. Another issue was removing features in the wlan. If your wlan configurations has a lot of check boxes enabled, can be that one of those feature is not working well with your devices. You have eliminated that it isn’t an issues if the device roams to an adjacent ap. I would expect this not to be the case if multiple sites have this issues.
Open a TAC cas and don’t wait.
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Thank you i have given feedback based on the input provided, can you check both working on same frequency ?

like 2.4 or 5 GHz ?  


required to review config - Couple of question, is this working failed or not working from the time instalaltion ?

or is there any upgrade on the controller? or AP ?



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