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Cisco announced multiple vulnerability in their Wireless Lan Controller for controllers running version 4.1. I am running 4.1.185. I am going to assume that all of the 4.1 versions are affected since It was not mentioned. have not upgraded as yet. Has anyone experience any of the issues related to these Bugs. So far I have not seen any of related Bug issue.


The problem is that these are DoS and authentication/access bugs. Now that they are public knowledge, it is a good idea to upgrade.....

All of which is a very aggrevating situation.

For the version we're running the advisory says you need to move to 4.2.176. But, reading the open caveats is enough to make a priest swear.

For example: CSCsi26248 (page 24 of the release notes) states you may lose connectivity when adding or recovering a second link aggregation (LAG) link. Workaround is to recover the LAG link when service is not in use. Then the note goes on to say, "You might also want to consider not using this type of configuration." Are you kidding me?

The one that is really going to get me is CSCsk83426 (page 28) - A hybrid-REAP access point does not reauthenticate after entering standalone mode. Workaround: None. Aaarrgg. Essentially saying, sorry, once a remote AP goes into standalone mode it won't be coming out of it. You can't get an AP to land back onto your controller. We've been testing this in the lab today, sure enough, it is a problem.

We're feeling boxed in. The code we're running has serious security concerns but the recommended code is going to take a away one of the major features that we need.

I find it very aggrevating that these releases are loaded with so many major problems. "Please upgrade to something that we know won't work for what you need."


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