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CTVM AP 2.4 Ghz



i have CTVM and the network working normally but just with 5 ghz and the 2.4 don't work ?

how i can activated it ?


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Leo Laohoo
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Is 802.11b enabled?

yes it is , but when i chose >>
wireless >> 802.11b/g/n i didnt found any AP connected with CTVM ?


Maybe the APs are in the wrong Regulatory Domain?

no its in US R.D , i use it with the different WLC 2504 and it work in this domain with tow signal

1. Go to Monitor > All APs > Detail
2. Pick the AP in question and go to the Interfaces tab.
3. Look under Radio Interfaces and then look at the number of Radio Slots. Take a screenshot of this tab.


Just as suspected. Look at the right-most column. It says 802.11 b/g/n is "Not Supported".

Under the Inventory tab, post the screen-shot.

yes i noticed that but how i can fix this if i can ?

@Murad* wrote:
yes i noticed that but how i can fix this if i can ?

I still suspect you have a Regulatory Domain issue.  

1.  Take a screenshot of the Inventory tab; 

2.  Go to Wireless > Country and take a screen shot of the top page.


AP has the Regulatory Domain for Europe, "-E".
WLC is configured for the US.
What happens if you disable US and enable, say France?

i do it that but now the 5Ghz stop working but 2.4Ghz work normally !cvt122.png

Did you disable US?
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