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Data Packets could not received due to low RSSI on 9130AXE and 9130AXI

brian zhang1
WLC 3504:
AP C9130AXE-H, External antenna for AXE(enable port A+B): AIR-CAB002-D8-R=  + 2*AIR-ANT2524DW-R 
And AP C9130AXI-H(Enable All ports)
From the client side, RSSI is very strong(-20dBm), but the data packets send from Cisco AP is very low:
AXI:data packet -48dBm, Beacon -19dBm
AXE:data packet -63dBm,Beacon -25dBm
The result is, from the client, RSSI is very strong, but when moving client away from AP, even RSSI is still very strong from the display, because the TX power of data packets is so poor, client is not able to receive data packets. this can be easily obervered as well in air sniffer. and client roaming is not able to trigger due to RSSI is still strong(from Beacon)
The measurement was done by close the client with antenna and air sniffer.
How can we increase the TX power for data packets?(disable 11ax to use 11a see same issue)
This is a serious issue to deploy this serial APs to warehouse etc.
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Thanks Brian - can you share the bug id for reference?

TAC recommended codes for AireOS WLC's
Best Practices for AireOS WLC's
TAC recommended codes for 9800 WLC's
Best Practices for 9800 WLC's
Cisco Wireless compatibility matrix
Field Notice: FN-72424 Later Versions of WiFi 6 APs Fail to Join WLC - Software Upgrade Recommended
WARNING - see CSCwd37092 Throughput degraded after upgrading to code - 2800/3800/4800 series
- The fix for CSCwd37092 is now released in and
- For IOS-XE 17.3.6 select controller model, go to IOS XE Software AP Service Pack, select CSCwd40096 17.3.6 APSP2
Field Notice: FN-63942 Lightweight APs and WLCs Fail to Create CAPWAP Connections Due to Certificate
      Expiration - Software Upgrade Recommended
Field Notice: FN-72524 - During Software Upgrade/Downgrade IOS APs Might Remain in Downloading State
     After 4 Dec 2022 Due to Certificate Expiration - Fixed in and 17.3.6 APSP5 (APSP_CSCwd83653)
     Also fixed in (8.5 mainline) and (8.5 IRCM) if you can't upgrade to 8.10
     TAC confirmed that subordinate Mobility Express APs downloading by TFTP are not affected so ME still works
     Note that and have been deferred (withdrawn) and are effectively unsupported by Cisco
Leo Laohoo's list of bugs affecting 2800/3800/4800/1560 APs
Richard R

Might be CSCvx37875, which is fixed in beta, but I hope Brian can confirm this.

Looks like the scenario is match, but TAC told me not this one, will provide once get confirmed

are the issue seen on both 2.4 and 5g bands.

if 5G, are all bands or specific band/channels impacted -like what's the impacted condition

let know if you've that detail. thanks.

All channels on 5G only as I recall, thanks.

brian zhang1

yes, confirmed , bug id CSCvx37875,

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