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Deploying 802.11ac Wave 2 soon? Get 12 ‪#‎mGig‬ Ports on your Access Switches with New ‪#‎Catalyst3850‬ 48port Switch!

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Frequent Contributor

Haydn Andrews

I really hate this marketing crap that you need mGig ports to support 802.11ac wave 2 APs.

No one at Cisco has been able to show where in "real world" testing anyone has been able to actually push an 802.11ac Wave 2 AP past 1G.


Given that you need 80 or 160 MHz channels, an SNR and RSSI that pretty much puts the client on top of the AP, no external interferes (wifi or non wifi) and a wireless adapter tuned to the AP achieving more than 1G is ridiculously unrealistic.

Really good reference about this


Now don't get me wrong, I see great uses for mGig ports for wired devices  requiring more than 1G where upgrading cabling is not an option (and have deployed for this reason), and when 802.11ax comes out that's when they will be utilized but i really wish Cisco would stop with marketing speak that says you need something to solve a problem that doesn't exist.

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Actually I just tested this yesterday at home. I don't have a Cisco AP there, it's another companies home segment router, where I've configured an 160 MHz channel with 1733 Mbps data rate. Client is a laptop with an Intel 9620-AC adapter. There is one brick/iron wall and a TV between the AP and client.
I was able to push ~920 Mbps between the client and the LAN 1Gbps attached NAS. So I think I'm pretty much at the maximum I can get through the LAN at 1 Gbps. So yeah, I think 2.5 Gbps is the next minimum upgrade step, even more so with 802.11ax which should allow mu-mimo in both directions (capable clients required).

In my fairly high density company network I'm running now mostly 80 MHz channels, without issues in regards to channel utilization. This means up to 1300 Mbps with capable clients. This will further increase with 802.11ax this year.
But yeah, in reality, most clients use way less bandwidth, surprisingly less to be honest. Also you replied to a post of 2015.
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