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DHCP pools for LWAP's with multiple models

I have 2 different AP models (1130's & 1140's) for which I want to create a DHCP pool on a core layer 3 switch with an Option 43 pointing to the Wireless LAN Controller. In conjunction with the Option 43 entry however, I need to specify the AP type as an ASCII string in the Option 60 parameter. Problem is, how can this be done for multiple ASCII strings; ie. multiple AP models? The DHCP pool option 60 entry only allows for one string and you can only enter one option 60 command per DHCP pool. Surely it is common to have more than one AP model and that this can be done without having to resort to multiple DHCP pools (one for every model)?

Can anyone shed some light on this for me please? Would be much apprciated as I've come up blank on CCO documentation!


Hi Dean...I can't say I've done it myself but I reckon you could ask Martin...after all I *think* he was responsible for the majority of the code on these things anyway.

I used to use option 43 my primary deployment method but ran into the same issue. I would just setup a DNS entry pointing the controller to cisco-lwapp-controller.yourdomain. On boot, part of the LWAPP process on controller discovery uses that address, just make sure to have a valid DNS server specified in the DHCP response.

A few things have changed with CAPWAP but it still tries to resolve that address.

Thanks very much for the tip. That approach sounds like a practical response and I'll keep it in mind. Much appreciated.


If you use Option43 without Option60 all AP's will join the controller you specified in Option43. This isn't a big deal if your AP's are in a seperate vlan from your other devices. HTH

I usually just stage the AP first to join a WLC and to make sure it works prior to installing it. Pllace it on the same submnet as the management and let it join and then set the primary, secondary and or tertiary. Then you can move it to any vlan you want. If you want to use DHCP Option or DNS, then you should know that if for example it is an RCVK IOS previous to capwap it will only do LWAPP. Once it joins to the WLC in LWAPP it takes a new IOS the unit will do CAPWAP.

As an example 1140 have an RCVK IOS that only run CAPWAP, so it should only do CAPWAP:


Create two A records both pointing to the same controller if you want to use DNS.

DHCP Option 43:

DHCP Option 43 is limited to one access point type per DHCP pool. You must configure a separate DHCP pool for each access point type.

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