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We are using vWLC ( and a bunch of 1131g/1130ag, we have a little issue related to client connectivity, some clients (1 or 2 client sometimes) stuck in DHCP_REQD state, they cant receive an IP address, i would like to ask you if this is WLC image issue or bug, or its related to client hardware or software problem(driver for example)?


Sandeep Choudhary
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It is happening with all clients or only with few ?

are you using internal or external DHCP server ?

paste the output of this commands from WLC: sh dhcp proxy

1. Check if you mention the DHCP server IP under Dynamic Interface or on WLAN!!

2. Did you already verified the switch port configuration connected to the access-points? Check that the MAC address of the client is actually being learned within the correct VLAN . If that is the next step is to verify that the DHCP discover of the client reached the DHCP server.


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It is happening with all clients or only with few ?

Only few clients

are you using internal or external DHCP server ?

External DCHP

>show dhcp proxy

DHCP Proxy Behaviour: enabled

1. Yes DHCP server is mentioned

2. All of them are connected to right VLAN access-port, we have a lot of clients that are fine without any issue, its happening with only 1-2 people in office

Is it possible i need to upgrade? maybe this image has a bug

if its only with few clients then you can also upgrade the driver.

Also check my post:


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Agreed with Sandeep on the drivers being looked at first, or if in OS X, checking for Apple updates. Rarely do you want to alter the entire WLAN environment for just a couple of problem clients, as - especially with WLC code, unfortunately- you may be trading one set of problems for another. You don't mention if you are running 1X, but if so the RADIUS logs may shed some light. If those logs show good auth but then you get the DHCP_REQD state, it really points back to the individual client.



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