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Does Cisco AP 3700I allow more client connection with AC standard ?

Michael Turkstra

Good day to you all,


At this moment we are running with Cisco 3502I AP’s, N standard.
I know that the “rule” is for optimal efficiency 25 clients per access point.

We are going to change our wireless system to 3700i Access point.
And we are going to use AC standard.


Our controller is 5508


My question is, does these AP’s and AC standard allow more clients to connect simultaneous to one AP?

Thanks in advanced.


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Good question. the real question is not how many clients can connect but really what applications are you going to be using. You can get 25-35 clients for general web browsing with ease. If you are doing voice and video generally you want to see that number in the teens. 


Simply swapping 3500 to 3700 with the same 11n clients you wont see much of an increase. However, if your client mix includes 11ac clients then yes you should see benefit. 


The real value in 11ac is not speed. If I gave you an 11ac laptop today to replace your 11n laptop. You probably won't do anything different right ? The value is getting users frames on and off the medium quicker to allow for more client transmissions. 


Does that make sense?



"Satisfaction does not come from knowing the solution, it comes from knowing why." - Rosalind Franklin

Thank you for your response George and the good explanation.


Most of the “users” are industrial pc’s used in production lines, and are not streaming videos and also no voice.
The majority just send information to our servers through FTP, or use some applications like GMES.
These industrial pc’s will be fitted with a Dlink USB 11AC adapter.

Because I need to know how many AP’s I need to place I need to know what is the most efficient Client to AP ratio.
At this moment the clients work with cable, but this is inefficient when changing location of production lines.
Office users are using the N standard now, but due to the fact that the production lines (1000PC’s) are going to be added I need to know the quantity of AP I need to add.




I have a large environment like you, but I'm in healthcare. You really need to test the NICs you use before you deploy them. Make sure thats in your test plan. I would also do a study of how much bandwidth you plan to use. That will help...


My buddy Andrew did a capacity calculator. Here is his video and a link to his calc.



"Satisfaction does not come from knowing the solution, it comes from knowing why." - Rosalind Franklin

Can i ask which NIC's you are using ?

We have done some tests with PCI boards, and the results where not so spactacular. (but was still 2.4 N)
At that area we have many moving machines that are creating a lot of Interference.
We also have many product testing that use bluetooth, because of this we are going to change to AC 5GHZ, so we have less interference.



Good call on 5 Ghz. More channels to select from. Proxin 8494 is an 11n nic which is solid. I have these on many devices 200+ with no issues. Proxim has a new 11ac USB9100. I have not tested this one yet.

"Satisfaction does not come from knowing the solution, it comes from knowing why." - Rosalind Franklin
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