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Does "Admin Disable" 2.4 gig radio actually shut off the radio



I run large auditoriums and I am trying to clear the 2.4ghz spectrum for audience response systems that run on Bluetooth. For the WIFI, we run everything at 5ghz and only a few AP's with 2.4ghz since most clients nowadays support 5 gig.  The area that I am working with as over 75 3502p acess points with panel antennas. 

I have shut down most of the 2.4gig radios by doing an admin disable however I can still see all of the access points as neighbors and the rx level when looking that the AP monitor or in Prime Infrastructure.  This leads me to believe that the 2.4ghz radio is still on and radiating however it is not broadcasting any SSID's

My question is the following

Does doing an "Admin Disable" on the 2,4gig radio actually shut down the radio (If so why can I still see them all after)

Does the Admin Disable actually clear up spectrum and if so how much 

Is there any better ways to clear up the 2.4 gig spectrum

Thank you in advance,


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Rasika Nayanajith
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VIP Mentor

I would think admin disable shuts the radio.

Thanks for the quick replies.

I have done this but the weird thing is that I can still see all the disabled AP's in the Rx Neighbors Information with the same RSSI level.   I would expect if the radio was turned off, that other AP's would stop seeing the ones that have been disabled...

Maybe I will open a tac case to get that clarified.



Interesting question. I know that for the RRM functions, the radio will send a few beacons at full power, discover it's neighbours, but I would also expect a shutted radio to not do that. Maybe a TAC is the right way to go. Please update your post, once you have the solution.

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VIP Advisor

If you have a WLC in use for this WIFI, login to it and check there if the radios are up or down.

If they are autonomous, my experience lacks. But typically I do:

conf t

int dot11radio 0




This way I completely turn off the 2.4 ghz radio (make sure the radio 0 and not radio 1 is the 2.4 one).

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