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Factory reset MSE/CMX 3375 or change Presence to Location

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I am setting up my first MSE and accidentally selected presence instead of location during configuration. I want to either factory reset the device and start over or have the ability to change from presence to location. During the cassandra configuration phase I power cycled the device hoping it would come back to a factory reset state, however whenever I go to the installation page

https://x.x.x.x:1984 it is presenting me with


An existing CMX installation has been detected.

You may upgrade to a newer version.


I cannot get past this page.


I have tried the following commands which only provide options for configuring hostname, IP address, time zone etc.


cmxos configure --force

cmxos reconfigure


I issued the command


cmxos firstboot --force


logged in as cmxadmin and it produces the same installation screen.



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Sorry for picking up this topic, but I have a doubt.


I have a CMX 10.4 VM (location) installed with ~2 years of analytic data. I'm planning to upgrade to 10.5 or 10.6.

My question is, can I backup the 10.4 database with Location services, and import it to a new 10.5 system with Presence Service?

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Level 1

Once you get past the initial install, you don't re-use the https://IP address( or name):1984 login but the straight ip - https://IP address (or name)

you log in as:

username: admin

password: admin

It will ask you to change the password. Once you change it, log in as admin/new password & it will get you into the cmx admin console.


Is it in the instructions ? yes, yes it is. However, it is buried in an obscure paragraph & easily overlooked (I found out the hard way).

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