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Failing to Access Web Interface of 2602i AP

Straight from the box I have connected the 2602i wireless access point to the cable LAN and I can ping its default IP When I try to access the AP using web-browser it fails I guess because web access is disabled by default. I'm unfamiliar with the commands on the system.

Can somebody help with the commands.

Thanks in advance

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Scott Fella
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Console into the ap and issue a show version or let us know the model number of the AP. if the model starts with a AIR-CAP then it's a lightweight and you can't web into those. You need a wlc for that model ap. if the model starts with AIR-SAP, then it's a standalone and you should be able to GUI into that.

When you console into the ap, the default username is cisco and the password is cisco. If the ap is a standalone, you should be able to enter enable at the ap prompt ">" and then enter cisco for that enable password. Then you issues a config t and then ip http server.

That command allows GUI access.

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Thanks for the reply.

The model is AIR-CAP2601i. I have got a 2504 wlc. What's the procedure? How do I let the AP find the controller? I couldn't even find the command to set the AP's IP address.

Put the ap on the same subnet as the wlc. It will discover the wlc via layer 2 broadcast and will join. Once joined you can move the ap into any other vlan.

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Scott, I have a similar issue but i think mine is not as easy to solve.  I have a brand new out of the box AIR-CAP2602i-A-K9.  ...and thats all I have! lol i do not have controllers nor any other cisco equipment.  I was told i was able to use these without needing to spend a gazillion $$$ on a controller.  I have tried to connect directly through web but by reading your post above now I know after 2 years that it is not possible.  When I connect to my network it blinks blue and green and then stays steady green.  I have not been able to access it nor configure it in any way shape or form.  I am pretty tech savvy but when it comes to cisco stuff I am not too familiar.  Is there any way I can get these going without a controller? I have 2 of them.  I am also running FIOS 300mb internet which I would like to connect these devices to.  Would love some help/advice! Thank you! you can email me directly as well at


AIR-CAP2602i-A-K9 is a capwap access point

AIR-AP2602i-A-K9 is a standalone access point

The later is what you need.  Since you have the CAP, you need to convert that with an autonomous code.  The issue you will have is if you cannot download the software.

See if you can download the file or not.

Here are directions for the conversion:


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I tried downloading but it says I need a contract or service license or whatever... so yeah, wasnt able to download.  Is there another way to get this software?  Also is there a way to keep it lightweight or would that require actually having a controller?  My goal would be to broadcast my wifi (the same wifi connection) through out instead of having different AP and have to log on to each one separately.  Do I make sense?

Warrior if i get you correctly, you are saying you want to broadcast same SSID across multiple access points. You can achieve that goal using any of the 2 scenarios below:


  1. You can run your access points as standalone devices - notable advantage is to cut costs by not including the controller - notable disadvantage is increased overhead since you have to replicate configs across all APs whenever there is change  
  2. You can run your access points as light weight devices in a controller based architecture - notable advantage is central management of the system, everything is done on the controller. - I wouldn't see controller cost as a disadvantage because in some cases controllers costs just the same as one AP depending on the number of APs you want to deploy.


To download software from you need a valid Smartnet contract. The Smartnet contract also gives you access to 24hr technical assistance centre who can also help resolve your issue.


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Thank You Kelvin!  


Yes That is basically what I want to do!  I got these 2 APs from a prior project which were unused (leftovers)  and I have had them for almost 2 years.  I lightly tried to use them before but didnt really have the time to set them up.  Now My living situation is different and I work from home.  Sometimes in My basement and sometimes upstairs.  Like I mentioned my goal is basically to broadcast my "home/business wifi" across my home where it will be accessible everywhere without issues. I am not looking to add anymore APs nor do I have this huge networking operation going on nor anything similar! lol Just looking to expand my wifi signal and these will help a lot being that working from home requires lots of video conferencing.  Now on #1 above (Standalone device) can you please explain the notable disadvantage.  i am not understanding what you mean with the increased overhead.

Also my company is considered a cisco retailer as we sell lots of video conferencing equipment.  Would I be able to access that software somehow with my company's credentials?


By increased overhead I meant increased wi-fi system administration time if you are not using a controller. But this certainly doesn't apply in your case where you only have 2 access points so I consider option 1 is the best for you. 


Even a Cisco reseller needs a valid smartnet/service contract to download the software from Your best work around is to get a smartnet contract for one of your devices then follow the procedure that Scott gave you. A Cisco TAC engineer can also walk you through the process once you have the service contract either by phone or using webex. You can get the service contract for like 25 bucks.



$25! thats not bad!  if I can do It myself then this should work correct?  And again, I would be using these directly with my FIOS quantum cable modem.  They should still work correct?  ...or do I still need some sort of switch or additional router?

Also i looked up our dealer pricing for a 2504.  It seems like I can get it for about $750 or so.  Would you guys still recommend getting one anyway or because of my setup i am just wasting money because i can still do without it?

And also I stumbled into some info about virtual controller.  Is this the same as a 2504 except its virtual instead of hardware?  Would this also be a suitable option.  I believe i saw the price and it was about $200 for it with licenses up to 5 AP's.

While I am at it what exactly are the licenses for?  Would I need an AP License?  And i also noticed something about a WLC...  is that some other license I would need or is that the same thing?  

Autonomous is fine unless you need features that a WLC can provide.  For basic wireless, you can stick with the autonomous AP.  The virtual controller will need to be ran on a ESXi VM host, and I personally wouldn't run one of those unless it was for testing.


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Ok so what it boils down to is to somehow make them autonomous and console into them and run the software, correct?  ...or run the software and it will find them somehow?  I was able to sign up with my company credentials but I have to wait until tomorrow for someone in IT to approve my request.  From there on I will be able to download anything basically as we are premier partners. regards to consoling into them.  I have a baby blue console cable rs232 to rj45 and another one that its both RJ45 that i used to use to configure 2911's from my laptop.  can I use either one?  Does it matter? and how would I accomplish either?  Telnet, puddy, or some other GUI?

and btw Thank you both so so much!!!!!  You have no idea how helpful you guys really have been! I cant express my gratitude to you both.  Again, Thank you!!!!

something else ive thought of:

1. If I register those devices in my cisco profile under "My devices" would I run into any problems being that they may not be registered under my name?  They were never deployed nor will they be reported missing.  But by putting in the serial number i am wondering if it would trigger anything which might cause me some trouble. To be clear they were not stolen nor did I get them illegally.  But I was not the original buyer;  they were left over from an install that I did and the manager in charge told me to hold on to them.  I inquired a few months later about them and I was told that manager no longer worked for the company.  I explained the situation and they said someone would contact me.  Never heard from them again and i heard that company was bought by another....etc.  I have 2 AP's and thats that.  By registering them under my name would I run into any issues?

2.  Totally random; I also have a cisco ASA-5505.  Can i use this for anything?  It seems like a firewall device with PoE.  Would this help me at all?  Can I use that in place of a switch? What good does this devoce do for me?


You can try to see if they can download the image for you.  Now with a setup with two AP's, your best bet is to make sure you have Ethernet cabling running back to a switch so you have some sort of roaming between the two AP's.  You should of looked at the 2504 bundles, because they do give you a WLC for free (AIR-AP2702I-UX-WLC).  No biggie though. I run a 2504 at home, but I prefer that because it is easier to manage.  Don't get me wrong, autonomous is manageable for one or two, but the more you have the worse it gets.


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