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Fast roaming protocols- Default WLAN Config WLC 8.5

We have remote sites that have a mixture of Windows 10 clients, Android tablets, and some other hand held scan devices. These devices operate on a WLAN configured for Flexconnect, and are in a Flexconnect Group.  We notice 3 to 4 packet loss during a roam, that we suspect may be causing some timeouts with the application. Typically, we configure 802.1x/CCKM, and disable 802.11r, 802.11k, and 802.11v.  I know that on new default WLAN configurations these are now all enabled.  Is there a safe option or best practice for enabling these protocols with a mix of client endpoint devices to speed up roaming, but not impact certain client devices?  What is the best options for enabling fast roaming with a mix of clients?

Cisco Employee

11k and 11v are safe even for client that don’t support them. CCKM need client to support it and it’s almost deprecated for the successor 11r, my advice is to have a test WLAN with the same 802.1x WLAN you have but enabled 11r for mixed mode (meaning enable FT and check 802.1x and FT 802.1x check boxes) and test all your clients, this setup will not allow legacy clients that don’t support or understand 11r to access this WLAN but will allow 11r capable clients and clients that don’t support 11r but understand it.

Also enable 11k and 11v for that WLAN, 11k and 11v will help the clients with roaming decision but for the actual roaming 11r will help them with that.

Make sure you have all your FlexConnect APs in the same Flex group in “connected mode” with “central authentication” and test…


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