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Guest Users management problem in ?!?


I just upgraded to and now the admin folks can't see any of the existing guest user accounts on the 4402 DMZ controllers. I can see them as root.

Any Ideas how I can make it so those 5 people can see these accounts and manage them? The backup and restore prior to the upgrade to 5.2.110 went smoothly without any know hickups.

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Rob Huffman
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Hey there Rob,

I upgraded to 5.2.125 without any issues. I still have the problem. Root can see all of the guest user accounts and the Lobby Admin can"t see a single one of them.

take this a step further. I did a test. No two lobby admin accounts can see what the other created.

I have 5 folks that will now have to share one account to do thier work instead of tracking who put what ID into the system.

Unless I setup to use RSA authentication to add and remove accounts.

I am getting the exact same behavior. I upgraded from If you find a solution, please post it. I will do the same.

It does appear to be related to some of the content in that post. Searching the bug database, I found this:

It says that it is fixed in 5.2(122), but still exhibits the behavior. The severity is listed as moderate, but the helpdesk here doesn't seem to agree with Cisco's classification...

It's by design - new behaviour in v5 of WCS. Lobby admins can see only their own accounts, ie only ones they created. If you have a requirement for lobby admins to see others' accounts (like, you want the helpdesk to be able to reset passwords) then you have to make them superusers.

Going back through the documentation, I see that. Thanks for the reply.

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