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high density deployment of 2802-series access points and sporadic roaming due to this

We currently have a high density deployment of 2802-series APs and users are complaining that they sometimes experience metallic voice during VoIP calls. This lookes to be due to they get roamed from one access point to another even if they are sitting at the desk and not moving. What are suggestions to prevent such cases or make them less noticeable by wifi clients.

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Supporting VoWiFi is not a simple thing unfortunately. A high level approach would be:

- Determine what devices are being used for VOIP (Cisco, non-Cisco, mobiles, etc) and what their requirements are e.g. QoS support, 2.4GHz/5GHz, RSSI, SNR.
- Read the VoWiFi deployment guide and follow the guidelines in there depending on your devices e.g. fast roaming, WMM, CAC.
- Understand and implement QoS on the WLAN
- Ideally perform a site survey to determine cell boundaries and RF patterns in the office so you can then adjust your power levels/physical AP deployment to match those requirements
- Check WLC software version to ensure it is recommended
- Confirm drivers on the devices are up to date where possible
- See if FRA is enabled on 2802s and if that's helping/not-helping your deployment
- Many other things I've neglected to mention here

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What firmware is the WLC running on?

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First thing i will ask is have you got the Voice clients on 5GHz?

Have you ensured back-end QOS is setup and working.


Was a site survey conducted to ensure you were meeting the Cisco VoWIFI deployment requirements?


What handsets are you using or is it a soft phone?

The decision to roam is a clients in the end, you can if supported enable roaming features to help make the decision better (802.11k, v and r).

Some clients have the ability to tune when the client roams, or driver updates to the wireless driver makes it better.

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per SSID only 5Ghz is allowed

QoS is in place

thanks for documentation, I will check

skype for business softphone is used

802.11k, features enabled, 802.11r not,  is 802.11r mostly designed for Apple devices?!

drivers per my understanding, are on the latest tested version (but not on the latest one available on Intel site)


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Turn off k, v and r. And see if there is a difference.

ok, will check soon

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