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How can we achieve Wireless bridging using Cisco APs


We need to implement Wireless network in a Villa - the scenario is:


We need 3x Access Points (indoor) to be connected wirelessly with the main AP unit (connected with PoE switch and then Internet router). There is no line of sight for these 3 APs to communicate with Main AP (Root AP). We have other 2x APs to be connected with the same PoE switch via Cat6 cables.

  • Can this be achieved by bridging?
  • Can Cisco SAP1602i be used for this solution?
  • Can we do it without using a controller?

Please support with configuration guidelines (GUI preferred).

Please refer to the drawing for better understanding.


Thanks in advance,






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Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Guru Hall of Fame Guru
Hall of Fame Guru

You can use bridging as long as the access points can hear the parent an negotiate the connecting. Not knowing how the building materials will attenuate the signal it's hard to tell you that it will work. You have two radios, a 2.4ghz and a 5ghz. You would setup one radio as the bridge and the other for client access. Typically the 5ghz is the backhaul but if the non root bridge cannot negotiate with the root bridge or the negotiation doesn't provide you with the throughout, then you would need to look at the 2.4 as your backhaul and our clients on the 5ghz if you can. This you will need to figure out. 


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Here is a good guide to follow:


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Thanks Scott,

I understand that we can use one radio for the bridging and other for client access. But can we still use other APs connected via cables? (as mentioned in the diagram I attached).

Can I have GUI based configuration guidelines please?




Prakash Parvathala

Hi Please go through the below link

Here is a good guide to follow:

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