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How to create RF Profiles on 5760


Is this possible?

On 5508 i am able to create a RF profile and after i can apply it to an AP group, but i dont find the way to do this on IOS XE.


Any help appreciated.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The Radio Resource Management (RRM) software embedded in the controller acts as a built-in radio frequency (RF) engineer to provide consistent, real-time RF management of your wireless network. RRM enables controllers to continually monitor their associated lightweight APs:

With rf group mode yo can do this on a controller basis, but i need to differentiate inside a unique controller.

I explain the situation, on a 5760 controller i have two different buldings, one with very dense ap deployment and high client load and one bulding with less aps and low usage. I need to create different profiles as on the high density its recomended to use low power and high modulation rates, and on the low usage i need to permit high power and low rates as to enable enough coverage.

As i mentioned before this was already configured on 5508 contrllers with ap groups an rf profiles templates, but on 5760 this option has disappear.


I am confronting the same problem and I consulted with a Cisco sales engineer.

Currently there is no feature parity between AireOS and IOS-XE, and RF Profiles is one of the features that is missing. The engineer mentioned that originally they were hoping to integrate RF Profiles into the IOS-XE platform this year but apparently it is not going to happen. While he spoke about the possibility of it being integrated in the future, there are no concrete or published roadmaps for the feature.

By the way, other key features that are missing that he had mentioned are mesh configurations and flexconnect access points.

It's pretty frustrating -- it seems that Cisco is pushing the new "Converged Access" architecture hard, but the lack of inclusion of RF profies seems to severely weaken the appeal of the IOS-XE system.

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