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How to upgrade MSE 3355 v8.0.130 to CMX 10.2

Koevi Vong
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I need to upgrade an MSE 3355 running version 8.0.130 to CMX 10.2. I can't seem to find any documentation for the upgrade procedure, has anyone done this upgrade before?

Cisco software to download for the MSE 3355 is the CISCO_CMX-10.2.0-213-3355.iso but there are no upgrade instructions for this that I can find. I am assuming since it is an ISO, I will need to burn this onto a DVD and load it on the MSE 3355 DVD Drive and boot from DVD?

Any help would be appreciated



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There is no upgrade path for this.

You have to do clean 10.2 install. In 10.2 there are two separate flavors called "Presence" & "Location". Given appliance (or VM) you cannot run both of them. Also  go through release notes of 10.2 as there are certain limitations compare to 8.x

Here is some of my notes during 10.2 (Presense) installation



Hi Rasika,

I have downloaded the CMX ISO file for the MSE 3355 platform, is it basically just burning it onto a DVD and loading from Disc on the MSE 3355?



Yes, that should work.

Thanks Rasika

Boot from Disc doesn't seem to work, it just sits there with no response at all. 

Which version did you use ? I used below image few months back & that worked for me




I am using the exact same version.

I actually got a response from it now and received the following error: (see image)

Any ideas?

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It's the same symptom as me.
How did you solve this problem

Hi Rasika,

We are facing same issue, currently we are having pre-build mse running with 8.x and we need to install cmx 10.2 in it but when we are trying to installed with KVM console its showing us CPU not responding error.


Can you help us, how we can do fresh installation of CMX 10.2 in cisco MSE 3365 physical appliance.


Thanks in advance

Hi Pranav,

I have RMA'd my MSE 3355 and had it replaced with a new one from Cisco as my hardware was fautly.

I've just installed 10.2 CMX on the new MSE 3355 successfully. If you are receiving any hardware errors, it's best you raise a case with Cisco and have it looked into.

Steps I used to install CMX 10.2 on Cisco MSE 3355:

1. Download the ISO CMX 10.2 file from Cisco website (CISCO_CMX-10.2.0-213-3355.iso)

2. Burn the ISO file to a DVD as an ISO (I used NERO)

3. Insert the DVD into the Cisco MSE 3355 DVD drive and reboot the MSE. You must have a monitor and keyboard plugged into the MSE 3355. (Console will not work)

4. When you see a Cisco logo on the screen with an option to press F12, press F12 to select boot option. Choose CD/DVD ROM.

5. The install will begin and take 10-15 minutes, this should now all be straight forward as you will just go through a few setup pages.

Hope this helps.


Hi Rasika,

I am just trying to install 10.2.3 CMX on my existing  MSE 3365 and i need some help:


Current version

BIOS-version : 220M4.2.0.8b.0.080620151546 ->C220M4.2.0.10m.0.1216161703

Firmware 2.0(8d)- >2.0(10h)

update CIMC and BIOS does not help! -> same problem

Steps I tried :

1. Download the ISO CMX 10.2.3 file from Cisco website (CISCO_CMX-10.2.3-34-3365.iso

2. Burn the ISO file to a USB  as an ISO (I used Etcher) select Boot (F6 -USB) or 

3. Mount(local ISO) directly from my laptop by the pop-up menu

(The.iso image can be loaded on a USB stick or mounted as a virtual drive using the Cisco Integrated Management Controller (CIMC).)

Booting from DVD-ISO is working until this message : "Running anaconda 13.21.229, the CentOS system installer - pleas wait. "

Do you have any suggestions ?

And is there a minimum CIMC firmware version required to upgrade from 8.x to 10.x ?

For more information, see the “ Installing the CIMC Firmware Update Utility ” chapter in the Cisco CIMC Firmware Update Utility User Guide.

Many thanks!

Gertjan Scharloo

If you have access to CIMC, you can try that option. Go to KVM console and setup virtual media

Once reload, you can go to setup menu (F6) and select boot from the new iso image.

You may need to SSH using CIMC IP to hit "enter" in order to initiate upgrade process (release note should state it)



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Thanks!!! SSH using CIMC IP to hit "enter" in order to initiate upgrade process (and enable Serial over LAN) is 'the answer' !!!

Good to see it helped you.

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