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How to use SNMP MIBs with AIR-CT2504 SNMP traps?

Sam Brynes

We have a Cisco 2504 WLC and PRTG configured to receive SNMP traps.


When I go into PRTG, I see that it is receiving traps with various OIDs when wireless clients associate / disassociate, etc.


The issue is that last part of the OID is just numbers (and hard to make sense of), and the first part is CISCO-SMI::


I downloaded a few MIBs from Cisco, but it's still not translating the numbers to something that makes sense.


Can someone point me to the MIB file that I need to download? Also, I downloaded a few other non-related Cisco MIBs (extension .my) and looked inside of them, but there were no OID numbers in them. How can we figure out which OID number corresponds to what OID "text"?


E.g. for a general purpose OID,




translates to:




I think if I were to look inside the MIB for this, I wouldn't see ".", but I would see SNMPv2-MIB::sysUpTime.

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 - You may need to download all MIBS in Prtg for the specific controller which are usually also available in the software download pages for the particular model. Some handy tool, that I used in nagios to get meaningful messages is    (the MIBS must also be manually incorporated in this tool).


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 - Correction :

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