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HP9022e sometime doesn't print from iPhone with WLC2504


Hi, my printer HP 9022e does not print from my iPhone when I am associated to AP 3500 to WLC 2504 with running code.

The reason might be this:

(Cisco Controller) >show mdns service srv-not-received

macAddr Service-Provider-Name Srv Query Sent
--------------------- ------------------------------------- --------------
e0:70:ea:xx:xx:xx tisk._ipps._tcp.local. 98. ------> this is my hp printer
e0:55:3d:xx:xx:xx tisk._ipps._tcp.local. 34 -----> this is my Cisco Meraki router

3c:22:fb:xx:xx:xx retinabook2019._ssh._tcp.local. 5 ----> MacBook pro not interesting here

Why is the printer on the list of services not received ?

(Cisco Controller) >show mdns domain-name-ip summary

Number of Domain Name-IP Entries................. 6

DomainName MAC Address IP Address Vlan Id Type TTL Time left
(sec) (sec)
-------------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------- ------ ------ ------

jablotv4k.local. f0:b3:ec:xx:xx:28 192.168.same octet.6 9 Wired 4725 4708

retinabook2019.local. 3c:22:fb:xx:xx:xx 192.168.same octet.27 9 Wireless 4725 4627

sdisk.local. 00:11:32:xx:xx:xx 192.168.same octet.8 9 Wired 4725 4416

tisk.local. e0:70:ea:xx:xx:xx 192.168.same octet.20 9 Wired 4725 4416

wdisk-3.local. 00:90:a9:xx:xx:xx 192.168.same octet.19 9 Wired 4725 3928

wdisk.local. 00:90:a9:xx:xx:xx 192.168.same octet.19 9 Wired 4725 4416

Sometimes the printer is listed here and in such case, I could print from iPhone, but if it is not listed here by any reason (I  do not understand reasons) so than of course I could not print from iPhone.

WLC 2504 with code has 22 predefined services in default mdns profile which could not be deleted.

I had to add plus 13 more services which I see from command:

show mdns service not-learnt

I have already added them all to mdns default profile which is applied to interfaces, interface group and wlans all together, I do not know right combination or lets say minimal combination.

(Cisco Controller) >show mdns service summary

Number of Services.............................. 35
Mobility learning status ........................ Enabled
Service-Name LSS Origin No SP Service-string
-------------------------------- ---- ---------- ----- ---------------
AFP No All 2 _afpovertcp._tcp.local.
AirPrint No All 1 _printer._sub._http._tcp.local.
AirPrint2 No All 1 _print._sub._ipps._tcp.local.
AirPrint3 No All 1 _print._sub._ipp._tcp.local.
AirPrint4 No All 1 _universal._sub._ipps._tcp.local.
AirPrint5 No All 1 _ePCL._sub._ipp._tcp.local.
AirPrint6 No All 1 _ePCL._sub._ipps._tcp.local.
AirPrint7 No All 3 _http._tcp.local.
AirPrint8 No All 1 _http-alt._tcp.local.
AirScanner No All 1 _uscan._tcp.local.
AirScanners No All 1 _uscans._tcp.local.
AirTunes No All 1 _raop._tcp.local.
Airplay No All 1 _airplay._tcp.local.
AppleCdSharing No All 0 _odisk._tcp.local.
AppleRemoteDesktop No All 1 _net-assistant._udp.local.
AppleRemoteDesktop2 No All 1 _rfb._tcp.local.
FTP No All 0 _ftp._tcp.local.

Googlecast No All 0 _googlecast._tcp.local.
HP_Photosmart_Printer_1 No All 1 _universal._sub._ipp._tcp.local.
HP_Photosmart_Printer_2 No All 0 _cups._sub._ipp._tcp.local.
HomeSharing No All 0 _home-sharing._tcp.local.
NFS No All 0 _nfs._tcp.local.
Printer-IPP No All 1 _ipp._tcp.local.
Printer-IPPS No All 1 _ipps._tcp.local.
Printer-LPD No All 1 _printer._tcp.local.
Printer-SOCKET No All 1 _pdl-datastream._tcp.local.
SMB No All 2 _smb._tcp.local.
SSH No All 1 _ssh._tcp.local.
Scanner No All 1 _scanner._tcp.local.
TimeCapsuleBackup No All 2 _adisk._tcp.local.
iOS ipp No All 0 _universal._sub._ipp._tcp.local
iOS ipps No All 0 _universal._sub._ipps._tcp.local
iOS ipps guest No All 0 GuestLabel @ macsvr01._ipp._tcp.local.
iTuneMusicSharing No All 2 _daap._tcp.local.
iTuneWirelessDeviceSharing No All 0 _apple-mobdev._tcp.local.

The question is why I see printer in not-received ? And how can I handle this ?

When I am associated to Meraki AP with iPhone 1 I do not have any problems by any time, it just works, but with iPhone 2 I have problem. I do not have problems with Airplay for Apple TV neither from iPhone 1 or iPhone 2.

Network Schema:

                                                            iPhone1 )))) (((( Meraki AP vlan 8                                     Apple TV vlan 9

                                                                                            | access                                                  / access

iPhone 2 )))) (((( Cisco AP(localmode, vlan ----access---- Meraki router (SVI vlan 8,9) ---trunk--- C1000 ---trunk--- WLC2504 (management iface in vlan 8, WLAN SSID for iPhones mapped to VLAN9)

                                                                                            | trunk

                                                                                    HP switch --access-- HP printer vlan 9

Both APs broadcast same named SSIDs which are mapped to vlan 9 in the same vlan where appletv and printer is located.

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