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HTTP redirect? 2504 WLAN controller

I have a 2504 and my goal is to automatically redirect a users home page when they connect to a certain internal website. Authentication isn't a real concern just now.

Is it possible to simply have a users home page redirected when they open their browser upon connecting to the SSID? All of the documents available have stated to use 802.1x / RADIUS or other fancy tools.

Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Guru

The only option is to use webauth. Under the webauth configuration, you have an entry in which you can enter a URL for redirection upon successful login. You can't to a redirect without using webauth.

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To add to Scott's comment....:

You could get fancy with like an auto-login page.... if you can make the HTML/Javascript submit the Accept button upon the page loading, then it would basically be an auto-redirect without requiring the manual user to click any buttons...

For the record:  This still requires the user to open a web browser and request HTTP  before they'd ever have network access.....  

Well I suppose you could get fancy and have a pre-auth ACL that allowed everything but port 80.... but I doubt that would ever fly as a good solution.   Then again, if you're making a customer webauth page to auto-accept the page  so that a user can be redirected, I guess its already an outside the box solution.....

Thanks all, I'll give it a go. I won't be hacking about with Java, I'll just use what is available.

Thank you for your advice!

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