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HTTPS Guest Portal Redirection




We have Guest Portal on ISE server, when our guests connect to Guest SSID they automatically redirected to WEB portal

it works only with http websites

if user writes in his browser for example or some websites with https redirection doesnt happens



thank you

Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Master

WLC v8.0 supported https web redirection, but earlier versions of the WLC code only supported http. Here is a link to what's new on v8.0.x:


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thank you, i would like to know if i install 8.0.110.o version code if there can occur the problem, from one side cisco write that they suggest this image to install



thank you

It's new:) the first version of wasn't great if you ask me. v8.0.110.0 is MR1 and fixes some issues but it's new. I would wait for MR2/3 before going into production unless you really need to go to v8.0. You can always downgrade. You need to make sure your AP's support this code and if you have WCS/NCS/PI and or MSE. Here is the compatibility matrix:


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It is almost 7 year this problem occurs, i can even imagine how people worked with guest portals, if it doesnt redirect people to https, many popular web-sites like facebook, google searching are working only with https and cisco fixed this only in 8.x



HTTPS redirect is a big pain. I get more calls that my guest network is down because the screen doesn't pop up! As mentioned google even uses HTTPS now. I did testing on 8.0.100 and it didn't work. I haven't tested 8.0.110 yet .

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HTTPS redirect "works" on some browsers like Internet Explorer and Safari for Windows, they automatically change https to http to redirect it lol


Has anyone confirmed if enabling https redirect on the WLC work with version 8.0.110?

I have the same issue where wireless clients can't get to the Guest Portal on ISE when they type in a HTTPS URL in the browser.

Hi, yes it helped in my issue

following this post

Thanks Kamran, I shall go ahead and schedule the WLC firmware to be upgraded.

Also, as i understand that there is no way to make pop-up on apple devices ?

It is a new "feature" since AirOS 8.0.100, but you have to run 8.0.110 anyway because of a bug in 8.0.100. See for more information CSCar04580 and CSCur13703.

@Scott, did already had the chance to test it? I did not do much testing myself (yet), but in my lab (vWLC with 8.0.110 and FlexConnect) it does not work at all...

I did some testing with indoor mesh and bonjour and it was a bit flaky. Not saying that it's broke, but I will not deploy v8.0.x yet in production. I have a customer testing some 8510's in SSO that wants to try v8.0.110.0 so we shall see how that works. There was also a release note with AP's that were v01 and will not join due to sha2 cert. the work around is to revert back and not use v8.0


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Did you asked your customers how code works? are they experiencing problem with https redirection or ap joining?


thank you

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