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Inital configuration not saving in WLC 5508


Hi Team,

We having some issue with the wlc 5508 after configuring the initial setup it saved and ask for reboot but after it reboots again it is asking for the initial configuration again.

It is repeating the same

Please help on this issue.



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Scott Fella
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You have a bad WLC. You will have to RMA that. I have seen that in the past and others here have also went through the same thing. Open a TAC case and tell them that it was DOA and they will replace that with a new unit.

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i have the same problem but i reboot and save config the device after months  when i got the 0 access points supported on WLC after reboot  all the new  configuration  weren't  saved only the old configuration from 2 to 3 months old 

and on AP i got the max no. of ap has reached 

and those AP that dis-joint were joint to wlc a day before 

the wlc supported 50 ap only 7 are joint and 11 were disjoint after 2 months 



If you make changes and save, then issue a reboot right after.  When the controller comes back online and the configuration is not there, then you have a bad controller and you need to get that replaced. 


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