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Integrated WLC with LDAP Azure

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Level 1

Hi All,


I'm trying integrated WLC with LDAP Azure.


Scheme : Azure --- Forti --- WLC



The final result is wireless client can Login and Connected with user on Azure.


Currently WLC can ping Azure, Also FortiGate can reach Azure




But we trying connect on the SSID but client still doesn’t connect



i try to connect the LDAP with Forti, it's can work but if i trying test with WLC using SSID can't work


Maybe in here have experience with Azure and WLC. Please share with me about this and please help me to check the debug.



Thanks Before


Yusron Muzaki


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LJ Gabrillo
Level 5
Level 5

Could you clarify your setup with Azure?
Is that <1> Active-Directory Azure OR <2> A Virtual Machine in Azure running Windows Server <version something> with Active-Directory installed?

PS: As far as I know, if you're using direct LDAP connection, you are limited to Cisco EAP types only. If you want to support standard EAPs (such as Microsoft EAP) you will need a RADIUS server for that.

You can connect flawlessly with Cisco EAP types deployments using AnyConnect NAM. I would suggest using this since you're using direct LDAP

More details here:

There are so many things that needs checking on your setup, I suggest going through the link first if you followed everything indicated there.

PS: make sure Date/Time of your WLC is in synced with your AD by the way. Hopefully your WLC is pointed to an NTP (if not you can always point the WLC to your AD since it serves as an NTP as well.


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Hi Gabrillo,


I setup the Active-Directory Azure.

Yes we will check many things the setup. i will keep posted on this forum



Yusron Muzaki


Hi @masiyus if you are using Active Directory Azure(SaaS) you may need additional configuration on the Azure side. 

Sadly, I'm not an expert regarding this but hopefully this guide will be able to help you


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