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Introducing - Cisco Support Assistant Extension for Catalyst 9800 WLC

Shankar Ramanathan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



What is Cisco Support Assistant Extension (CSAE)?

Cisco Support Assistant Extension (CSAE) is the first Cisco Secure Development Lifecycle(CSDL) approved extension publically available in the Chrome store. CSAE aims to bring Cisco Support closer to the Cisco product and portals and extend Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Intellectual Capital directly inside the Cisco product portals to create a frictionless self-support experience for our customers.

How do I download the Cisco Support Assistant Extension(CSAE)?

Direct Link:Chrome Web Store

Key Features of the Cisco Support Assistant Extension

  1. Seamless Integration: By simply signing in through authentication, CSAE intuitively identifies the context of the supported Cisco Product Portal, optimizing the support experience.

  2. Effortless File Uploads and Case Management: Users can now upload files directly to a Service Request (SR) or initiate a support case from within the product portal, leveraging cross-launch capabilities with all pertinent files and entitlement parameters into the Cisco Support Case Manager (SCM).

  3. No Upgrades Required: The extension offers instant serviceability without the need for product upgrades, embodying the essence of convenience and efficiency.

Cisco Support Assistant Extension in Action on C9800 Wireless LAN Controllers:


Please use this direct video link if you have trouble playing the embedded video.

More details on the User Guide

Wireless Troubleshooting tools repository.

Supported Products:

1. Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless LAN Controllers 

2. Cisco Secure Firewall (formerly Next Gen Firewall NGFW)

3. Field Notices


Please reach out to

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