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Issues with Guest wireless


Hello ,

We have a WLC4402 running code and 1142N AP's . We have Private and Guest WLAN's configured on the controller . We had been having wierd issues with Guest WLAN . It looks like when a client machine(Mac or Windows) tries to connect to guest wireless , they do get the right ip address but not getting the authentication page . When they disconnect or disable wireless and reconnect again they get both the ip address and the authentication login page . Not sure what the issue is but this happens on both Windows and Mac machines . Did anyone come across a similar issue with the WLC code we are running ?


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Are you using an anchor controller? If so are your WLAN settings on your controllers and the anchor controller identical ON ALL CONTROLLERS !? Also, how many controllers?

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We have similar experince that WebAuthPage doesn´t always shows. We have no anchor controller. There are 6 WISM in an 6500 with identical WLAN configuration of those WLAN that uses WebAuthPage. We have aproximately 1700 AP;s and 2500 total users where 500 uses webauthpage.  The page problem is intermittent, som users have no problem when other experience long time for the page to appear or not shown at all. When browser is restarted for those with problem some of them succeds but other still experience continous problem. What we have concluded so far is that single logons works all fine but when a bunch of people simultainisly try to log on those problem appears and escalates. What I´ve been told is that the WLC just can handle only 4 simultianisly pages per sec and I wonder if this could be a part of our problem. Is there any information or specs of the WLC "Webserver"  that handles those WebAuthPages that You know of? What limitations are there compared to redirect to a external "real" webserver?

Regards Peter

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