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Lightweight AP in a different VLAN switch is not connecting with WLC


See attached file for details


Scott Fella
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Hall of Fame Guru

Well one thing to try id you are not useing option 43 or DNS to help the LAP join the WLC is to place the AP in the VLAN 30 subnet and let the ap join. Then tag the port for vlan 50 and reboot the LAP. That should work for you unless the vlan from the switch the ap is connected to isn't forwarding to the core.

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which port to tag ?

ap-manager or management interface

Leo Laohoo
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VIP Community Legend

Does the AP have an IP Address? If yes, can the AP ping the management interface of the WLC? If yes, then type this command from the AP:

lwapp ap controller ip add

Hope this helps.

When we are typing this command on AP it is showing that command is disabled, so how can we enable command writing mode in lightweight AP.


The command should be enabled in priviledge mode (not in configuration/global).