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Low data rate 802.11ax with 9115axi


I bought some cisco 9115 axi ap , it works correctly except the data rate.

When the computer is connected to the 2960x switch, the data rate is 1gbps

When the computer is connected to the ap (using 802.11ax and very close) which is connected to the previous 2960x switch, the data rate does not exceeds 350mbps

Note : Only one computer is connected to the AP when tests are performed

I don't understand why the data rate is so low... When I read the datasheet the physical data rate is 5.38 Gbps. I should at least get 1gbps (I know my switch is not compatible with 802.3bz)...

Please help me it's really annoying, I have pretty good hardware but it doesn't work the way I want


I don't have neighbor (only cow and wheat field) + the building acts as a faraday cage.

WinFi is a very good software, thanks for this advice

Now I am trying to configure 160Mhz channel but it doesnt work, I put this command in my ewc :

ap dot11 5ghz rrm channel dca chan-width 160

But nothing happens, I tried to reboot but the channel still 40mhz

Any idea?

I found an interesting command with rrm :

EWC(config)#ap dot11 5ghz rrm channel dca chan-width ?
  160        Channel width in Mhz
  20         Channel width in Mhz
  40         Channel width in Mhz
  80         Channel width in Mhz
  80+80      Channel width in Mhz
  best       Channel width in Mhz
  width-max  Configure Max Best Channel Width Allowed for Dynamic Bandwidth Selection

What do you think about that ? If I select 160MHz, should 40Mhz end device (if they are not compatible with 160Mhz channel) can continue tu use 5Ghz or they must use 2.4?

Edit : I tried this command but nothing happened, the 5Ghz radio bandwidth still 40Mhz

If you are just testing in a lab or at home, go for it.  Maybe define it using a static entry from the cli or gui.  If devices don't support 80 or 160, but just 40 as an example, it will just use 40.  Don't expect to get the marketing numbers, since wireless is half duplex and that means, what you see as far as data rate connection, you divide that in half and that would be your theoretical max.

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I can't find how to set the channel width to 160Mhz, all cisco guide talk about this command, but it seems to not work in my ewc :

ap dot11 5ghz rrm channel dca chan-width 160

any idea?


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