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LTE Provision port on the 1100 series ISR


Hi all,


I was wondering what the function is of the port labelled with number 15 in the diagram below:


it is labelled as an LTE Provision port.

I was looking to find a way to configure LTE band aggregation recently. Is it configured through this port? Any documentation would be appreciated!

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Hello Balaji.bandi,


Thank you for the resource above. However I don’t think there is an example for setting carrier aggregation. I have configured the Cellular interface so that it is up and running and able to connect to the outside. It however connects using only one band. I am unsure if the band aggregation is set automatically and that there is no (beneficial) aggregation possible in my area. Or that it is simply not enabled/configured.


show cell 0/2/0 c n
LTE Carrrier Aggregation State = Deconfigured

This leads me to believe this can be configured. But I wasn’t able to find any documentation on it. I’ve searched in numerous documents including the file you linked above, the router data sheet and even the NIM 4g LTE module documentation for the 4000 ISR models. Unfortunately without success.


On the other side, within the file you just sent me there is a section called:

Configure Radio Band Selection

However this seems like it is only forcing particular bands. And that the router does band selection automatically. However not sure if that implies that aggregation is also set automatically when available.


Other than this I am also curious what the port (number 15) in my first post is for. I have not used it so far and I wouldn’t know what to use it for. It is labelled with a little LTE marker on the router. If someone has used this port please let me know!


Looking forward to get to the bottom of this.

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