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Max retransmission to AP CW9166I-ROW


I have Cisco Catalyst 9800-L Wireless Controller model and CW9166I-ROW  AP  running version  17.9.4
 The Issue : Max retransmissions to AP 

AP automatic disjoin to WLC and automatic join aging

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Leo Laohoo
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What is the country code configured for the ROW?

he country code for ROW is Libya (LY). I know that Libya does not support 6 GHz radio, but it should work on 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz.


 - Have a checkup of the 9800-L configuration with the CLI command show tech wireless ; feed the output into 
                                                                                                        Wireless Config Analyzer


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Please find attached the implementation of 'show tech wireless' in the Wireless Configuration Analyzer.


How is the wiring, are there any errors on the switch port or AP interface? Is there a WAN link on the wired network between the AP and the WLC (IPSEC, etc.)?

No, there are no errors on the switch port to the AP, and there is no WAN link.



 - Following up on results from WirelessAnalyzer : set valid time , time zone and configure valid and working NTP server (service) on the  9800-L controller ,


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After adjusting the time, the problem is still the same

Rich R

Make sure you have the 17.9.4 APSPs and SMUs installed.
If you still see the problem open a TAC case for TAC to capture all the relevant debugs, radioactive traces and packet captures.


lot of good suggestions, you can also start with some basic KPI check for APs and see how things look like, may be we find something unusual.


  • Check for AP reloads or capwap restarts. Identify APs with lower "AP Up Time" -->reload or lower "Association Up Time"--> capwap restart

show ap uptime | ex ____([0-9])+ day

     Note : focus on APs reloaded or restarted within 1 day

  • Check for AP crashes

show ap crash

  •  Check for highest number of events or unexpected events of AP session termination

show wireless stats ap session termination

  • Check for disconnect reasons and time of disconnections

show wireless stats ap history | i Disjoined

  • Check for APs with misconfigured tags

show ap tag summary | i Yes


-hope this helps-

thanks for your support

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