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Ahmed Ayaad

Mobility group problem in wireless Lan Controller

Dear All,

I have 2 WLC associated with Prime Infrastructure 2.0 i faced a problem when Edit the interface or add new interface in the Ap group in WLC and loggin to prime infrastructur  i found the AP group without any Editing and with the oldest interfaces please advice if this normal behaviour or how i can solve this problem?

Peter Nugent
Cisco Employee

If you changed the WLC config and have not updated the PI the new config will not show on PI. When it runs the audit it will show differences that can be looked at in PI but unless you updaet PI as well this is what you will see.

thanks for your reply, please advice how i can update config on PI to see auditing configuration.


do the audit from controller tab on the PI, then pull the configuration on the WLC to the PI when you are prompted to do so.

I made this solution andthe problem still exist. and restart the VMware and also the problem still exist

Go to Configure> Controllers

and then which controller have config mismatch...on right side click on mismatch in Audit status tab.

After that it will ask for audit now, click on that. After auditing it will show you the two option:

1. Restore PI values to Controller

2. Refresh config from controler

Clcik on 2nd #Refresh config from controler#

Then select 2nd option again(Use the configuration on the controller currently) and click on GO.

Please feed me back.

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